<p>Falesie naturali, vie multi tiro e aderenza. A Comano Dolomiti l'arrampicata è un'emozione continua!</p>

Rope up!

It’s climbing time!


Climbing in Trentino, for thrill-seekers!

The Comano Valley is a unique and special part of the Alps: the mountains are softer, less imposing, and suitable for all. If you like trying out new things and getting your hands on some bare rock, you absolutely have to give climbing a go!

Bouldering and multi-pitch routes

There is nothing like it, a combination of concentration and agility. In Comano Dolomites there are many natural rock faces where you can learn to climb. Our Alpine guides are available to provide instruction on this incredible sport in complete safety.

Are you already a climber? Great! Then you will love the walls here which offer high degrees of difficulty and great views from the top!

Simone Elmi, mountaineering instructor

The mountains are my office and my desk always has a different view but thanks to modern technology I reply to clients in all sorts of places, such as halfway up a climbing a wall or sitting on a boulder in the middle of the forest.

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