<p><b>What will you do in Comano?</b> Let the energy of our land transport you, as you discover our traditions and our values. Enjoy your stay with us at your own pace, with gentle walks in the countryside or trying out a more energetic sport, all the while savouring our cuisine and connecting with our people.</p>


Choose what you will do in Comano Dolomites


Experiences you have to try

Your Alpine holiday will be packed with new discoveries. Comano Dolomites, where the mountains are suitable for everyone and there are so many ways to get the most out of your holiday. Find the one for you!

Why not try something new?

Whether you like hiking, riding your mountain bike up and down the mountains, more gentle e-bike rides or relaxing strolls in the countryside, in Comano Dolomites you will find activities that take your breath away!
You will be amazed at just how many opportunities this corner of the Italian Alps has to offer. Taste wine in a vineyard, learn how to milk a cow, climb the mountains and come back down by parachute – you will never get bored here, the only problem is finding enough time to fit it all in!

p.s. you are on holiday, enjoy the moment! If you have never tried one of these activities, now is the time! You will be a new person when you get back home!

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