A natural spa with health-giving properties

Drink it, breathe it, immerse yourself in it. The healing waters of the Terme di Comano spa. 


It is good for both adults and children. The spring flows from the ancient rocks of the Brenta Dolomites. It combines fresh water from near the surface with water that is up to 30,000 years old, rising from deeper in the rock.

A water which is unique in Italy. It flows at a constant temperature 27°, even in winter, with a pH close to neutral. It contains bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and is rich in helpful micro-organisms. The most recently discovered one is called Mezorhizobium Comanense, named after Comano Terme. It was discovered by the University of Trento and has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

A special water which is good for the skin

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, calming, revitalising and hydrating properties, the water at the Terme di Comano spa has been used for centuries to treat chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis and dermatitis in adults and children.

A natural remedy, with no side effects, that gives lasting results. These are the scientific findings which have made the Terme di Comano spa the most important dermatology spa centre in Italy. But its benefits are more than skin deep The spa water is good for the whole body.

Drinking it every day helps to cleanse the body, with its diuretic and detoxifying effects. Inhaled as steam, it is helpful in curing and preventing respiratory conditions, thanks to the way it strengthens the respiratory system and its antibacterial properties.

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