Simone Elmi, mountaineering instructor

I fell in love with these wonderful mountains when I was very young and first saw them during my holidays in Trentino.

Over time, little adventures such as sleeping in a mountain hut or tackling a via ferrata became more than just a memory, they became an indelible imprint on my mind, transforming me from a city slicker to a mountain man.

Learning to love the mountains

To explain what I do, I often use a joke that people often say to me when they meet me: “What’s your job?” “Alpine guide!” I reply. “No, what do you for work, being an Alpine guide isn't work, it’s fun!”

Behind this joke lies the essence of my job: a huge amount of responsibility and the need to make people's dreams come true.

What can you do with me?

Our land is inclusive by its very nature and means everyone can enjoy the mountains in their own way, from easy walks with snowshoes to climbing the wall of a Dolomite peak. My job and my aim is to act as a facilitator, mediating between people and the challenges they want to undertake, helping them to get out of their comfort zones and experience something truly unique.

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