Local people and greeters to give you an authentic holiday!

Meet the local people and greeters from Comano Dolomites, enjoy authentic experiences with them!

With local people, you get a deeper, more profound experience. Follow them as they go about their daily lives. They organise walks, courses and trips to help you get a first-hand experience of life in Comano Dolomites. Take a look at what they have to offer.

Genuine locals

Our greeters give you a behind-the-scenes look at life in Comano Dolomites. You can contact them directly and find out all sorts of useful information, from the finest restaurants to the places with the best views. Every one of them is passionate about what they do, find the one who specialises in something you are interested in and send them a message, to unlock the secrets of the Comano Valley.

Davide Aldrighetti, all about the bike
Valentina Novali, mountain lover
Serena Rigotti, trekking with all the family!
Silvia Ricca, fond of our little villages
Simonetta Facchini

* Greeters are volunteers who welcome tourists in their region and join to greeter international associations all around the world. COMANO Dolomiti take part to Stroll Buddy B.V. community and IGA Greeter Network Managers.

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