Fausto Stefani, Children's Entertainer

I have a degree in economics and I work as an entertainer. More specifically, I work in tourism and try to come up with things to make guests’ holidays even more enjoyable. My job is my passion, or if you prefer I have made a job out of my passion.

To tell the truth, mine are not unusual passions: being outdoors, enjoying nature and having fun with other people. For children, this is something which comes easily: playing with each other outdoors just for the fun of it. For as long as they can!
This is why my wife Federica and I set up Il Villagino. Il Villagino is not a playground, or rather it is not just a playground, but rather a place where all children have the chance, first and foremost, to find someone to play with.

Playing means rules, boundaries, new discoveries and many other things which are accepted and shared by all because they make it fun to play together. Il Villaggino has two stand-out features: the climbing wall and Gino’s allotment. Children climb instinctively, driven by a primordial instinct, but they only realise what they’ve achieved when they get to the top of the wall. It is a joy that is hard to explain.

But you can see it in their eyes. The allotment, meanwhile, is confirmation of how children continue to be fascinated by nature as it grows. This is an activity with no age limits. The aim of Il Villaggino is to become the part of your holiday where everyone wants to feel like a child, even if only for a few moments. It doesn’t matter where you are, only how you feel! I don’t who said that but someone must have written it before me.

What can you do with me?

I love to eat, particularly Italian food. It’s another passion that sits alongside with my other love, playing sport, chiefly running, cycling and ski touring. These are all mountain sports, although my pipe dream remains to sail round the world.

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