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Panoramic views in the Comano Valley

Mother Nature has gifted us someone wonderful panoramas. In the Comano Valley, surrounded by mighty Alpine peaks, there are places where just stopping to admire the view is a real experience.

Locations that overlook unique landscapes, where you can get an incredible feeling of freedom, with views seem to go on forever.

Come on, let’s go! Just bring a bag, a comfortable pair of shoes and the desire to go exploring. If you ask the Comano Dolomites for advice, just remember their fierce local pride. In their opinion, their village always has the best views! The view that you will treasure forever. 

The one you will never forget Monte Casale, a unique viewpoint overlooking the lakes of Trentino

If you ask people in Lomaso, they will tell you that by far the finest panorama can be enjoyed from the summit of Monte Casale. After all, where else will you find a natural viewpoint taking in views of seven lakes?

Majestic Lake Molveno from the meadows of Banale

Prada is a little-known place above San Lorenzo in Banale. The broad meadows here give a wonderful sense of liberty! Prada is a beautiful terrace covered in flowers at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. To get there, follow the cobbled lane where farmers once brought hay and timber down the mountain on sledges. A special place for the people of Banale, home to many great mountaineers and climbers. The view from up there is spectacular. You can also see Lake Molveno and the smaller Lake Nembia.

Views over the whole of the Comano Valley from the Cima Sèra

 If you live in Bleggio, your local mountain is the Cima Sèra. At almost 2,000 m high, it offers views over many of Trentino’s most famous peaks. A large wooden cross stands on the summit, protecting the whole valley, erected by residents of the villages below. A beautiful walk, which starts in the forest, eventually emerging in the clearing at Malga Stabio. The path then continues, heading back into the trees until you re-emerging just below the summit, where one last effort awaits to reach some of the best views of the Comano Valley.

Much-loved Monte Misone, what a great view!


You can see another lake from up here! It is Lake Tenno, which is delightful at any time of the year because of its incredible turquoise waters and bright white shores. It’s hard to believe but from these high-up viewpoints, the Comano Valley is even more stunning.

If you want to enjoy this breathtaking vantage point for yourself, come for a walk up Monte Misone.

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