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Five ways to feel good in the Comano countryside

We now know that getting out in the countryside is good for our health. Contact with nature is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. It gives us peace, makes us feel more energetic and stimulates our immune system.

Until recently, this was only a theory, but today many scientific theories back up the curative and relaxing powers of nature. And if that nature comes in the form of UNESCO biosphere reserve, as is the case in Comano Dolomites, those benefits are even greater! Try it for yourself!

Barefoot walking

A true feeling of freedom. In the Comano Valley, there are so many places where you can slip off your shoes and feel at one with nature through your feet. You can also walk barefoot along the sensory trail in the park at the Terme di Comano spa. 11 different points of contact with the earth, feeling its warmth, force and energy. Walking on sand, stones, pine cones, bark and in the water. Feeling connected with nature, awakening forgotten emotions and enjoying a sense of freedom.

Revitalising the body and the mind through nature

A restorative experience, as is walking among the pine trees in the park around the spa. Immerse yourself in the forest and its fragrant scents, listen to the sounds of nature, the running water, and embrace the trees.

Breathe deeply and feel reborn


A primal and profound experience which stimulates all the senses. This is forest bathing. Leading you through this soothing exploration is Stefano Bianchi, a therapist at the spa. Peace and tranquillity with views over Lake Garda Authentic sensations, like those discovered when walking in the Alps. Looking at the world from up high, you enjoy a privileged position. Mountains give you some perspective on life. The effort of getting to the summit is rewarded with the pleasure of soaking up the wonderful views. Such as those afforded by Monte Casale, the most panoramic summit in the valley. This stunning scenery has curative powers, offering peace and calm. 

The health-giving properties of the waters of the Terme di Comano spa. Nature’s spa.

Mother Nature has been so generous in this valley. Since ancient times, she has given us a precious gift, the beneficial waters of the Terme di Comano spa. Water to drink, to inhale, and to immerse yourself in as you cleanse yourself and feel good. A unique source of health and well-being. One of the largest thermal spas in Trentino, a warm and cosy refuge where you can revitalise your body and refresh your mind. An opportunity to dedicate some time to yourself.

The Cammino dell'Acqua path Immerse yourself in nature.

Discover all sorts of ways to take care of yourself in the Comano Valley. One step at a time, at a gentle, mindful pace. Walking along paths and trails, surrounded by nature and wilderness. All this awaits you on the Cammino dell'Acqua path, where the waters of the Sarca river have carved out the Limarò gorge like a natural sculpture. A spectacular place, where you can reconnect with yourself and the world.

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